We are two men and two women working behind this project but everything started with our blog What Color is it ? created in January 2016.

When we started to talk about that blog around us (to our families, our friends, to other non-lucrative organisations in Belgium and elsewhere), new ideas came into our minds. These new aspects of the project would keep us away from our computers and we wanted everything to be accessible for all, to be free for everyone. This is why we chose to create a non-profit organization.

A few months later, Décrivez-Moi (which can be translated in English by Describe Me) is born. We chose this name in French because we describe makeup products but we also want to describe their own image to people (clothing style, shape, etc.) to help them in the best way possible.

Describe Me, please. What do I look like ?

We want to offer you the best service possible, with a huge smile and good humor. We may not be professionals on the paper, but we are passionnate and willing to help you. Do not hesitate to visit our “Our goals” page for more information about our methods, dreams and values. Feel free to contact us and/or join us on our social networks as well.