Our goals

Our first goal is our main : provide you as many descriptions of makeup products as possible. We describe packagings and colors and shades of the product itself. We also want to give some tips to learn how to apply makeup, make colors match together and feel better. Everyone does not have the possibility of following a workshop near their home, that is why we try to use the Internet as a tool to go further or just pick something we want for the next shopping session.

But we also want :

To organize workshops about awareness for parents of visually impaired girls. We want them to know the importance of self confidence, acceptance, takin care of oneself. We also want to get in touch with professionals to help them in understand what the visually impaired client wants, to avoid being afraid of the visually handicapped person. This type of service requires trust and kindness.

And maybe some day :

Maybe could we go further and consider wellness through sport, reading, meditation or anything possible with the help of a coach or a psychologist.

Do not hesitate to contact us if our project seems interesting to you !